ReadyMass 100 | Success Stories

ReadyMass 100 properties have a superior absorption record in the marketplace. Over the past several years, the following ReadyMass 100 properties have been occupied by growing companies in Massachusetts.  Browse this page for success stories!


Ready Mass Property: 150 Blackstone River Road, Worcester, MA
Occupant: Imperial Distributors
Size: 325,000 SF

Ready Mass Property: Nagog Park, Acton
Occupant: Insulet
Size: 195,000 SF

Ready Mass Property: CitySquare, Worcester
Occupant: AS Marriott 
Size: 117,000 SF

Ready Mass Property: 975 University Ave., Norwood
Occupant: MS Walker
Size: 363,000 SF


Ready Mass Property: Assembly Square, Somerville, MA
Occupant: Partners Healthcare
Size: 800,000 SF, option to expand to 1.1 million SF


ReadyMass Property: Boston Landing, Boston, MA
Occupant: Boston Celtics
Size: 70,776 SF


ReadyMass Property: Boston Landing, Boston, Massachusetts
Occupant: Boston Bruins
Size: 25,760 SF


Ready Mass Property: 100 Binney Street, Cambridge, MA
Occupant: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Size: 208,500 SF


ReadyMass Property: Crosspoint, Lowell, MA
Occupant: Arris
Size: 192,754 SF

ARRIS and Charter to Collaborate on WorldBox 2.0 Development and Deployment (PRNewsFoto/ARRIS)

Ready Mass Property: Crosspoint, Lowell, MA
Occupant: Kronos
Size: 500,000 SF


ReadyMass Property: 1325 Boylston Street, Boston, MA
Occupant: Optum
Size: 126,004 SF

ReadyMass Property: 600 Technology Park Drive, Billerica, MA
Occupant: ConforMIS
Size: 45,403 SF


ReadyMass Property: Westford Technology Park West, Westford, MA
Occupant: Akamai Technologies 
Size: 42,286 SF



Ready Mass Property: SouthCoast Life Science and Technology Park at Fall River
Occupant: Amazon
Size: 1 Million SF

ReadyMass Property: 650 East Kendall, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Occupant: Baxalta
Size: 206,000 SF

Ready Mass Property: 1380 Bay Street, Taunton 
Occupant: Martignetti 
Size: 680,000 SF


Ready Mass Property: Myles Standish Industrial Park, Taunton
Occupant: Sullivan Tire and Auto Service Distribution Center
Size: 200,000 SF

Ready Mass Property: 400 First Ave, Needham 
Occupant: Trip Advisor 
Size: 282,000 SF

Ready Mass Property: 10 City Point, Waltham
Occupant: Wolverine 
Size: 150,000 SF

Ready Mass Property: 318 Griffith Road, Chicopee
Occupant: Yankee Candle
Size: 125,000 SF

Yankee Candle


Ready Mass Property: 610 Main Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Occupant: Pfizer
Size: 180,000 SF

Ready Mass Property: 1,000 Tech Center Drive, Stoughton, Massachusetts
Occupant: Amazon
Size: 332,000 SF

Ready Mass Property: Crossroads Center, 125 Pennsylvania Ave, Framingham, Massachusetts
Occupant: Bose
Size: 10 Acres

Bose logo

Ready Mass Property: 35 United Drive, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Occupant: Plantation Products
Size: 38,000 SF

Ready Mass Property: 35 United Drive, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Occupant: Jiffy Products
Size: 95,000 SF

Ready Mass Property: 1111 Southampton Road, Westfield, Massachusetts
Occupant: Exel Inc.
Size: 462,000 SF

Ready Mass Property: 1111 Southampton Road, Westfield, Massachusetts
Occupant: Hollingsworth Logistics Group
Size: 188,550 SF

Ready Mass Property: 450 Fortune Boulevard, Milford, Massachusetts
Occupant: Proverde
Size: 16,412 SF

Ready Mass Property: 450 Fortune Boulevard, Milford, Massachusetts
Occupant: Comark
Size: 64,138 SF

Ready Mass Property: New Bedford Industrial Park, New Bedford, Massachusetts 
Occupant: MDT Bus Lines Headquarters 
Size: 5 Acres

 MDT logo 

ReadyMass Property: 100 Duchaine Blvd, New Bedford, Massachusetts 
Occupant: NWD Trucking 
Size: 80,000 SF

 nwd logo 

ReadyMass Property: 101 Almgren Drive, Agawam, Massachusetts 
Occupant: Simmons Manufacturing Company 
Size: 49,000 SF


 ReadyMass Property: 35 Industrial Drive, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts 
Occupant: Toner Plastics 
Size: 65,000 SF


ReadyMass Property: 50 Post Office Square, Boston, Massachusetts 
Occupant: Brown Brothers Harriman 
Size: 410,297 SF
ReadyMass Property: 401 South Street, Dalton, Massachusetts 
Occupant: Krofta Technologies 
Size: 247,869 SF

ReadyMass Property: 77 Champion Drive, Chicopee, Massachusetts 
Occupant: Menck Windows 
Size: 78,000 SF
 menck windows logo  

ReadyMass Property: 800 Federal Street, Andover, Massachusetts 
Occupant: Schneider Electric 
Size: 158,655 SF


ReadyMass Property: 
43-46 South Ave., Burlington, Massachusetts 
 Occupant: Green Mountain Coffee
Size: 80,180 SF

ReadyMass Property: 20 Walkup Drive, Westborough, Massachusetts 
Occupant: Pall Corporation 
Size: 113,045 SF

ReadyMass Property: 525 Campanelli Industrial Drive, Brockton, Massachusetts
Occupant: Forty Seven Brand 
Size: 300,000 SF

ReadyMass Property: 66 Saratoga Blvd., Harvard, Massachusetts 
Occupant: Quiet Logistics 
Size: 384,000 SF

ReadyMass Property: 151 Suffolk Lane, Gardner, Massachusetts 
Occupant: TerraTherm, Inc. 
Size: 67,200 SF



ReadyMass Property: 1085 Pleasant Street, Lee, Massachusetts 
Occupant: Onyx Specialty Papers 
Size: 104,040 SF

 Onyx Papers logo 


ReadyMass Property: 301 Binney Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Occupant: Ironwood Pharmaceuticals 
Size: 97,760 SF