About Us | Overview

MassEcon, a statewide non-profit alliance of private and public sector partners, champions Massachusetts as the best place to start, grow or locate a business.

What We Do

Marketing Massachusetts

Beyond its borders at trade shows, site selector events, in corporate offices, and through our annual business recognition events

Site Location Services

MassEcon is the provider of site location services to company prospects for the Commonwealth


Our online database of validated, shovel-ready sites and Class A buildings in Massachusetts is searched by thousands annually

Actionable Research

  • Municipal and Regional Business Intelligence Reports to support lead development
  • Workforce and real estate market data to aid site selection
  • Regular newsletters on economic trends, reports and state incentives

Our Membership:

MassEcon’s activities are solely supported by its members and sponsors.
MassEcon members share their expertise with ours in supporting site selection projects and connect to an unsurpassed network of public and private sector players committed to growing our economy.


  • Unique access to data services related to business location decision-making
  • Member-only project engagements, economic insider business intelligence reports, and newsletters
  • Signature events, industry roundtables, member meetings, out-of-state site selector receptions
  • Connections with other business

Membership in MassEcon really means becoming part of the mission of bringing new economic opportunities
to Massachusetts. You become part of the team and connect to an extraordinary network of public and private sector members that share this common commitment.

Brian Cohen, Senior Vice President, CBRE