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The shipping industry was the central reason for the settlement and subsequent development of the Commonwealth and today shipping is still a key asset in the future of economic development in Massachusetts. Massachusetts has 5 deep water ports, located in Boston, Fall River, Gloucester, New Bedford/Fairhaven, and Salem. The geographic location of Massachusetts’ ports makes it one travel day closer to Europe than other major U.S. ports. The Massachusetts coastline is a working waterfront – fishing boats and cargo ships enter and exit each day. The Port of Boston, operated by Massport, is the Commonwealth’s largest shipping port. Each year, more than one million tons of cargo passes through Massport’s terminals in the Port of Boston. These terminals provide the shipping facilities New England needs to be a major international trader.

In addition to the cargo transport through Boston, there are opportunities for passengers to commute into the city via the T Harbor Express – high-speed ferries connecting Quincy, Hull, Boston, and Logan Airport. Ferries run on a frequent schedule, year round, offering early morning, mid-day, and late night service.

For more information on water transport in Massachusetts please contact MassEcon  or for more information on the port of Boston please visit www.massport.com.