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Although Massachusetts is one of the most urban states in America, with over 800 residents per square mile (as opposed to the national average of 80 per square mile) the Massachusetts highway infrastructure is very well established and handles commuters, distributors, and vacationers on a daily basis. For office workers, the Commonwealth’s reliance on public transportation is significantly greater than the national average (88% vs. 83%) and there is an increased push to take commuters off the road and into public transport.

The highway system in Massachusetts totals over 31,300 miles, and nearly half of the United States population is within a 12 hour drive of the state. Major thoroughfares run north and south, east and west connecting all regions of the state. A traversing the state trip from the center of Boston to the center of the Berkshires can take less than 3 hours on the Massachusetts Turnpike, and further connectivity is available on other major interstates including Interstate 95, Interstate 93, and Interstate 91. Massachusetts has streamlined the

For more information on auto travel in Massachusetts please visit the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) website. To see an Official Massachusetts Transportation map click here.