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Greater Boston is an excellent place to live, work and visit. The region benefits from a rich history, excellent recreational resources, and world-class cultural amenities. The region compares favorably to other major U.S. metropolitan areas when considering nearly every significant quality of life factor. World class health care facilities, excellent public transportation, and a relatively low crime rate are among the region’s many superlatives.

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Competitive Advantages

Transportation Infrastructure

Boston, the state capital and the seventh largest metropolitan area in the United States, offers companies the advantages of a strategically located transportation hub. Logan International Airport is among the largest in the world and is serviced by more than 50 air freight companies. The Port of Boston is one of the nation’s oldest trading centers, and more than $7 billion worth of cargo passes through the port annually. Direct rail service exists between the Port and points west as a result of a partnership between the extensive network of commuter rails, subways, streetcars, and busses run by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

Educational and Knowledge Creation Resources

Greater Boston is home to the world’s largest concentration of colleges and universities, including world-renowned institutions such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. An unparalleled level of university-related advanced research helps firms in the Greater Boston area grow and compete. Entire industries, as well as many of the region’s most successful companies, were created by ideas and people emerging from Greater Boston’s educational institutions.

Diverse Economic Base

The region’s economy is concentrated into several industry segments of interrelated companies and institutions.

  • Financial Services: Both new and established businesses in Greater Boston benefit from Boston’s expertise in the venture capital industry, mutual fund business, and institutional investing.
  • Information Technology: The region benefits from a strong presence of company headquarters, research, and manufacturing facilities in a diverse group of industries including computers, software, peripherals, information services, communications, and electronics.
  • Health Care: Greater Boston is the nation’s largest center of health research and is one of the premier patient-care centers in the world. Teaching hospitals, such as Brigham & Women’s Hospital,Children’s HospitalDana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital serve as training grounds, research centers, and important sources of innovative technologies.
  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing base in Greater Boston is concentrated in instruments, industrial machinery, electronics, and printing and publishing.
  • Tourism: Greater Boston is host to conventioneers, business travelers, and vacationers, who are attracted by the region’s business opportunities, scenery and rich history.