Data Center | Taxes

Massachusetts Department of Revenue

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue web site contains tax information and online services for existing and prospective Massachusetts businesses. The Business Income Taxes section can answer questions you have concerning specific taxes such as Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships.

Massachusetts Municipal Association

The Massachusetts Municipal Association is a statewide organization dedicated to bringing municipal officials together to establish and advocate policies that will best serve community residents.

Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation

The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation is a public policy organization concerned with fiscal, tax and economic policies on both state and local levels. Their mission is to provide accurate, unbiased research with balanced, thoughtful recommendations that strengthen the state’s finances and economy in order to foster the long-term well being of the Commonwealth.

Municipal Databank

The Massachusetts Division of Local Services (DLS) will provide you with a Municipal Databank including information on local property tax rates and other economic demographic data for individual communities across the state. Also included on the site are links to subscribe to DLS publications and the DLS newsroom.

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