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GreaterBostonGreater Boston is an excellent place to live, work and visit. The region benefits from a rich history, excellent recreational resources, and world-class cultural amenities. The region compares favorably to other major U.S. metropolitan areas when considering nearly every significant quality of life factor. World class health care facilities, excellent public transportation, and a relatively low crime rate are among the region’s many superlatives.

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Business Resources:

Boston Redevelopment Authority

The Boston Redevelopment Authority reviews proposed development projects that require zoning relief, make recommendations on major construction and redevelopment activity, acquiring, selling and leasing real estate to achieve economic redevelopment and to promote public policy objectives, such as encouraging growth industries and appropriate land use policies.

Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership

GBMP is a not-for-profit corporation whose sole focus is to help small and medium sized manufacturing companies become more productive and competitive through cost-effective Continuous Improvement (Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma) education and shop-floor implementation.

Metropolitan Area Planning Council

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is a regional planning agency representing 101 cities and towns in the metropolitan Boston area. Created by an act of the Legislature in 1963, it serves as an independent public body of the Commonwealth within which state and local officials can address issues of regional importance.

Massachusetts Office of Business Development

Boston Regional Office
P: 617-788-3610