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Past Co-op Students and Interns

“This past semester at MassEcon has provided me with valuable insight into working for an organization that is dedicated to the economic growth of the state of Massachusetts. Working as a Marketing Assistant, I gained further experience with event coordination through the Annual Team Massachusetts Economic Impact Awards. In addition, I had the pleasure of attending a Members Meeting and the Annual Meeting & Holiday Lunch. Through my time spent working at MassEcon, I was able to meet a variety of business and industry leaders and assist in the promotion of companies seeking growth within the Commonwealth. The team at MassEcon was supportive and encouraged gaining hands-on experience every time I came into work. I’ll definitely miss the time I spent at MassEcon, but can take away from this internship a new perspective on engaging with future employees and businesses.” 

– Elsa Crozier, Fall 2018

“Interning at MassEcon this summer has been fantastic! Not only have I experienced professional growth, but I’ve gone outside of my comfort zone and learned to try new things. My opinions were valued and I felt very welcome here. I was able to work on different marketing projects, as well as assisting in event planning that attracted a diverse array of professionals from different industries. Working directly with a small, tight-knit staff was a key part of my time here at MassEcon, and was essential to my professional and personal growth. I was able to learn and work on different aspects of economic development, and running a nonprofit, which I will take with me to my future career. I highly recommend this internship to anyone looking to learn and grow. 

– Shivani Arya, Summer 2018


“Interning at MassEcon has been a great hands-on learning experience filled with personal and professional growth. I had the opportunity to work directly with Annie, Susan, and Doug to help support all aspects of the organization. The staff valued my opinions, gave me helpful feedback, and were always there to answer any questions.  I gained valuable skills in marketing and communications through creating content for social media, contributing to the monthly newsletters, editing videos from events, and assisting in event planning. At the two events I attended in the summer (Annual Conference and 25th Anniversary/Summer Reception) I had the opportunity to meet employees from member companies from a wide range of sectors. It was exciting to be part of the economic development community and interact with a diverse group of professionals who all came together for a common cause: to make Massachusetts the best place to grow, locate, and start a business. I am happy I had the chance to work with such a great organization and member network that supports economic development in Massachusetts!

– Kelsey Bechtel, Summer 2018

“Working at MassEcon these past four months has been great! I have really enjoyed and appreciated the interactivity with member companies and the ability to network with them. I’ve learned that there’s a lot that goes into planning corporate events and that maintaining relationships is critical to business development. Before working here, I was not really in tune with the economic development activities that were going on so close to where I leave and go to school, but now, I’ve learned to pay more attention. There’s so much going on and business is booming, and I’ve loved getting to be a part of that. Annie, Susan, and Doug have been so welcoming and helped me with anything I needed. They always strive to do the absolute best they can to further develop the Massachusetts business environment, while maintaining a positive, stress-free atmosphere. I’m excited to see what MassEcon does next!”

– Nina Freedman, Intern Spring 2018

“Working at MassEcon has been a great growing experience for me. I have been able to develop my marketing and communications skills by contributing to social media outreach, writing monthly newsletters, and assisting with planing many of the events MassEcon puts on throughout the semester. Annie, Doug, and Susan were always very happy to listen to any questions I had, and were not afraid to give me real work that needed to be done. By interning at MassEcon, I have gained valuable experience that will last me past the length of my internship, and will enable me to be successful in whatever I may do in the future. I am grateful to have had the chance to work for an organization that does so much for the state of Massachusetts.”

– Katherine Edmondson, Intern Spring 2018

“Interning at MassEcon was truly an invaluable and unique experience. Not only was the MassEcon team friendly and great to work with, but the skills I gained and the experiences I encountered were incredibly helpful and relevant to any future professional setting. In the office, I greatly enhanced and developed my knowledge and proficiency with a variety of key computer-based tools and research skills that are vital to all employment positions in today’s workforce. Additionally, the events hosted by MassEcon, that I was fortunate enough to assist with, truly matured my interpersonal skills in a professional setting. I am grateful for the excellent supervision and guidance of Annie, and the overall positive experience I had at MassEcon, and would recommend this internship to anyone!”

– Mike Silveira, Intern Fall 2017

“MassEcon is a company that strives to make the Commonwealth the best it can be, ensuring Massachusetts continues to grow and evolve to fill the needs of businesses and residents. MassEcon offers a helping hand to newer companies who are really starting to take off, and partners with established companies to create a supportive business environment and strong community outreach. Behind every company are even greater people. Susan, Doug, and Annie are extremely dedicated to the work they do and genuinely care about making the state of Massachusetts the very best place to live. My time as an intern at MassEcon gave me a greater understanding of the many different elements necessary in growing a business, the importance of joint efforts in achieving a shared goal, and that the people behind the work make all the difference.”

– Katelyn Ramos, Intern Fall 2017

  “My internship at MassEcon was an incredible experience. Annie, Susan, and Doug were all very friendly and knowledgeable and immediately made me feel like I was a valued member of the team. Even on my first day, I was given a range of significant responsibilities directly related to my particular skills and interests. From creating content for our social media to speaking to company executives for the Economic Impact Awards, I was actively engaged and learning throughout the summer. Beyond our work in the office, MassEcon gave me the opportunity to connect with other business and government professionals at events like the Annual Conference and Summer Members Reception. Overall, my summer internship has been an unforgettable experience and I couldn’t be happier to have started my professional career at MassEcon!”

– Greg Gao, Intern Summer 2017


  “Interning at MassEcon has been such an invaluable experience. I am grateful to have had the chance to contribute meaningful work in an organization that works so hard to support the Massachusetts economy. Annie, Doug, and Susan offered valuable insights and advice, and made me feel like I was truly a part of the team. I was always given impactful work and was able to delve into an amplitude of opportunities to improve my professional abilities, learn new skills, and network. These experiences have all helped me to grow both professionally and personally.”

– Jackie Tran, Intern Summer 2017


  Interning at MassEcon gave me the opportunity to make real, tangible contributions to an organization that does so much for the state of Massachusetts. I’m so thankful for the feedback and encouragement I received from Annie, Doug, and Susan. The skills that I gained during my time in Watertown have already proved invaluable. From event planning to digital marketing, an intern at MassEcon is given the opportunity to explore a diverse range of responsibilities, catalyzing professional and personal growth. One of my favorite memories as an intern was listening to Governor Baker speak at MassEcon’s 2017 Corporate Welcome Reception. I assisted in the planning and execution of that event, and it was so rewarding to see it come together after months of hard work.”

– Emma Brin, Intern Spring 2017


“Working at MassEcon has been such a privilege because, not only did I have the opportunity to make connections with some of the top companies in Massachusetts, but I was also given the opportunity to work on many different aspects of projects. The work that I did ranged from writing tweets and newsletters, to designing banners, signage and Powerpoints that over 400 people would see, to editing video footage, to actually working at events. The unique experiences this internship offers run the gamut of communications jobs from writing to design. Annie, Doug, and Susan immediately made me feel welcome from my first interview, but they also pushed me to ensure that my work was the best it could be. 

– Liza LaBossiere, Intern Fall 2016

 ali “Working at MassEcon was an extremely valuable internship experience. From event planning to dealing directly with board members, I was exposed to every aspect of life at MassEcon and vastly expanded my knowledge. Susan, Annie, and Doug have made an extremely welcoming and open environment at MassEcon and I quickly became a valued member of the team. The company’s small size allowed me to take on more responsibility than I could have imagined and receive the receive the support and guidance I needed to flourish. During my time at MassEcon, I was able to grow my social media skills, gain firsthand experience with the editing and publication process of an in-depth research study, and develop creative ideas for restoring a key company program. I grew both personally and professionally throughout my internship and am incredibly grateful to have been part of such a small and inclusive team.” 

– Alison Klemencic, Intern Fall 2016

Taylor “Working at MassEcon has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The inclusive nature of MassEcon’s small office environment allowed for me to contribute meaningful input in every meeting with Susan, Doug, and Annie. My tasks varied from researching 100+ companies to select our finalist companies for the 2016 Economic Impact Awards to conducting extensive interviews with high-level executives to ascertain data needed for Economic Impact Award company evaluation to maintaining our online social media presence. This work was essential to MassEcon operations, allowing me to see the measurable effects I had at this organization. Through my time at MassEcon, I grew both professionally and personally, and I am immensely grateful to have been able to work for MassEcon this summer.”

– Taylor Pfromer, Intern Summer 2016

Headshot “Undoubtedly, MassEcon has been the best experience yet in my professional development. Between the in-office work and the variety of ways I was exposed to communicating with member organizations, government officials, and company executives, working at MassEcon has given me broad exposure and insight into the business and economic development sector. Due to MassEcon’s size, interns have the opportunity to play an integral role in the organization’s services, and I was fortunate to participate in event planning and execution, author an executive summary, contribute to research projects and reports, and interview finalist companies for the Team Massachusetts Economic Impact Awards. In addition to being conducive to achieving a breadth of new or enhanced skills, MassEcon also maintains a fun and collaborative office. From the start, Susan, Annie, and Doug encouraged me to be vocal in staff discussions, and I always felt that my comments were well received and given serious consideration. The feedback and guidance I received while at MassEcon has been invaluable, and I am grateful to have spent my summer working for this organization.”

– Nick Fucci, Intern Summer 2016 

joy shen_headshot “Working at MassEcon has been amazing learning and growing experience. As my first co-op through Northeastern University, I was able to learn about the various aspects of marketing and economics through hands-on work. It was valuable to see ideas turn into tangible results that promoted Massachusetts as a place to do business. I was fortunate to be part of creating value case studies that share stories of how important economic growth is, and to be part of planning activities including the Corporate Welcome Reception and Annual Conference. It was incredible to see business executives gather and celebrate the work and business that is done in Massachusetts. I truly felt part of the MassEcon team and could not have asked for a better team to work with. Susan, Doug, and Annie encouraged collaboration among the staff, as well as MassEcon members, and valued my suggestions and input. I not only learned new skills in programs, such as Constant Contact and Hootsuite, but also improved on existing skills, including WordPress and InDesign. I am grateful for my time at MassEcon because I grew both professionally and personally.”
Joy Shen, Northeastern Co-op January – June 2016
“My time at MassEcon was a valuable and meaningful learning experience in varying aspects, not only in terms of my career goals, but also as an individual. Working at MassEcon is a very unique experience for college interns because of the high frequency of communication with the rest of the team, where your individual contribution and input is valued and recognized. In addition, I became very involved in the work and was able to see the importance of the work towards economic growth in Massachusetts through the success of the member companies and other tangible results, such as events, such as the Economic Impact Awards.” – Margaret Chang, Intern Summer 2015
  “I found my time at MassEcon extremely valuable. Through the exposure to marketing, economic development and event planning. I learned new skills and could build upon my previous knowledge in those areas. What I enjoyed most about my time at MassEcon was the amount of face to face collaboration that occurred. There were frequent meetings with Susan, Doug and Annie where updates were given, decisions were made and ideas were shared. This sort of work environment encouraged me to input my own ideas and made me feel truly involved in the future of the company.”

 – Charlotte Miller, Intern Summer 2015

  “During my summer interning with MassEcon, every day on the job involved valuable opportunities for professional growth through hands-on work. As an assistant on one of the company’s economic research reports, I was given responsibilities that were core to the overall project, and I was able to see that my work had a real impact. In MassEcon’s highly collaborative environment, I received mentoring from senior staff that continues to help me thrive and always felt like a truly valued team member. I not only walked away with a number of new and improved skills, but with a greatly expanded knowledge of the industries and business trends that constitute Massachusetts’ economy. Overall, I could not have asked for a more rewarding experience, and I feel extremely fortunate for my time at MassEcon.”

 – Miriam El-Baz, Intern Summer 2015

  “My time interning at MassEcon was a fantastic learning and growth opportunity. Working with such a small and close-knit group, I was able to get a lot of hands on exposure not only to different aspects of marketing and communication, but to member businesses and their representatives as well. I was always given meaningful and impactful work and felt as though I was truly part of the MassEcon team. MassEcon helped me to further develop several of my professional skills, and my experience with the company and with the MassEcon team has certainly helped me grow and thrive both personally and professionally.” 

 – Emma Morse, Intern Spring 2015

 Sofia Headshot “MassEcon was my first co-op experience through Northeastern University. I knew that I was interested in learning more about marketing, as well as the business-to-business world and how to maintain different types of relationships among a variety of industries. However, once my time at MassEcon ended, I left with so much more than I could have imagined. I was given so many opportunities to network and perfect my professional communication skills, whether that was in-person, on the phone or through email and newsletters. I was lucky enough to be a part of the Economic Impact Awards, which exposed me to a variety of different industries rooted in Massachusetts, and how impactful their presence has been on the economy as a whole. I felt that I was genuinely a valued member of the MassEcon team and it was incredibly rewarding to share ownership in much of what went on during my time working there. Overall, I could not have asked for a better co-op experience. MassEcon truly helped me flourish professionally and I am so grateful for my time there.”

 – Sofia Rojo del Busto, Northeastern Co-op July – December 2014

 Sam Headshot “My time at MassEcon was a true learning experience. From day one, I was given responsibilities that were important to the organization’s daily operations. Most importantly, my ideas about marketing, communications, and event-planning were always listened to and valued. I was given room to learn by exposure and Susan, Annie and Doug were all active mentors throughout my time as an intern. I was lucky to play a role in which I felt as if I was making a difference, while working with great people and for a great purpose. Location is everything, and I’m thankful that MassEcon is where I happened to end up as I began looking toward my professional career.”

– Sam Melnick, Intern Summer 2014