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Year 2014 MassEcon Committees

Join a MassEcon Committee! Bring your interests and expertise to furthering MassEcon’s goals for 2014. Committees are open to MassEcon corporate members and their employees. The committee schedule will be determined once the committees have been constituted. If you have any questions or are interested in participating (or would like to designate a company colleague to a particular committee), please let Annie O’Connell know at aoconnell@massecon.com or 617-924-4600 x13.

Membership & Marketing

Membership & Marketing: This committee integrates both Membership & Marketing initiatives. Working with the Board and Executive Committee, this committee will assist in setting goals for membership; refine our value proposition and messaging for various segments of the business community; identify new members to be recruited; and develop strategies for member retention, including enhancing visibility for current members. This Committee will also provide guidance on building MassEcon’s Ambassador program. Social media, communication strategies, design, and branding also fall within this committee’s wheelhouse.

Programs & Events

Programs & Events: This committee will help determine guest speakers at member meetings; develop events that will foster member networking opportunities, including MassEcon’s industry roundtables; and assist in developing the topic and speaker line-up for the June Annual Conference.
A sub-committee will focus on Team Massachusetts Economic Impact Awards, MassEcon’s blockbuster awards event for 2014 (The 11th Annual Team Massachusetts Economic Impact Awards Luncheon), continuing a tradition of an annual event that provides recognition for expanding Massachusetts companies and visibility and revenue for MassEcon. Principal tasks of the sub-committee are to help shape the nomination process for candidates; provide guidance in program logistics – including the Judging Reception for the nominated companies; and coordinate and recruit sponsors.

Location Support

Location Support: This committee will provide guidance for MassEcon’s activities as they relate to the organization’s signature Site Location Service. Activities include participating in the ongoing selection, revision, and updating of ReadyMass 100 Properties through a Site Evaluation Sub-committee; helping advance efforts to keep the ReadyMass 100 Properties in the public spotlight; providing guidance on the second-stage implementation of MassEcon’s on-line site finder database; providing guidance to Board and staff on MassEcon membership engagement protocols; and providing strategic and tactical guidance to ensure effective relationships with the site selector community, including the planning of key events to showcase Massachusetts.